Smarter Solutions for Smart Buildings

Connected intelligent solutions are making building smarter

The way we work is changing. Buildings have become gateways that provide opportunities for people and technology to work together seamlessly.

The demand for versatility and efficiency within a workspace is escalating. Creating a space that responds to business needs, prioritises wellbeing and reduces carbon emissions is now expected. We provide smart solutions to ensure all business owners are ready to embrace the innovations of today and tomorrow.

A single converged infrastructure delivered through a well-designed data cabling system will create new business opportunities and underpins a smart building.

Data cabling capabilities extend way beyond a simple network connection with the ability to power a vast array of devices. An ever-expanding range of PoE devices include; LED lighting, security and access control, AV, point of sales systems, computers and monitors. Using a single data cable for both power and data ensures smooth interoperability between devices and eliminates the need for 240v connections to be made.

Scenariio specialises in the design, supply, and implementation of smart building solutions.

Our company’s heritage is founded from the supply of traditional structured data cabling that provides effective IT infrastructure across extensive networks. Our expertise is built on over 30 year’s experience of delivering data cabling solutions.

Managing projects for local and global businesses across the UK and Europe. We offer a range of IT services including; IT & building management systems, data cabling, intelligent lighting, data centre solutions, Wi-Fi and security.

Today, we are proud to be one of the UK’s market leader for smart lighting systems delivered over structured data cabling. Our customers are innovators, who understand the benefits of using IoT technologies to maximise their real estate capabilities.