Powered Fibre


Powered fibre is a hybrid copper/fibre solution that powers and enables communication between Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices outside the reach of traditional category data cables.

What can Powered Fibre do?


  • Enables devices to be installed in the ideal location regardless of whether there is a power supply
  • Reduces the need for landlord and utility negotiations
  • Greatly speeds up planning by eliminating DC electrical calculations for voltage/power drop over varying distances
  • Handles up to 64 devices simultaneously from one power supply
  • Contains carrier-grade electrical protection
  • Reduces the cost of providing additional electricity outlets
  • Is NEC Class II and SELV compliant
  • Allows for placing devices exactly where they are needed to maximise coverage

A ‘rack to device’ solution


This technology is a complete ‘rack to device’ that integrates solutions for IP cameras, Wi-Fi hotspots, small cells, and other network devices. It provides power to devices via a data cable when no power outlet at the source is available.

Powered fibre works at 30x the distance of POE, eliminating the reliance of local power sources, allowing for centrally UPS supported or clean power supplies. It reduces landlord /utility negotiations to deliver network and power to these remote devices.

The system, much like a long extension cord, comprises of a rack-mounted power distribution unit, a power/fibre distribution box, powered fibre optic cable and a POE extender.

It is an ideal solution for large real estate where power or network access is not available. Including event locations, external production plants, MOD estates, airports or a large campus facility in a remote location.

How does your business ensure that all areas are kept secure and network access is available where required?


Are you running data cables and power sources to outdoor buildings at a cost and still not getting the service or the reliability from the system that you require?

Watch our webinar: Extend your data network with Powered Fibre


Our 30-minute webinar in partnership with CommScope provides you with an insight into how Powered Fibre could extend your network. The panel of experts discuss how Powered Fibre ensures reliability by minimising points of failure, makes installations more straightforward, and reduces operating & maintenance costs.

The session covers the basic design and installation of small cells, Wi-Fi hotspots, IP cameras, and a variety of other devices requiring optical communications and DC power in one system.

We demonstrate how Powered Fibre cable solutions allow you to install network access devices in the most challenging and distant locations.

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Would powered fibre improve your businesses capabilities?