Case Study: Mondelez

Case Study: Mondelez

The Mondelēz International corporate statement reads “We’re a big company. But we believe, above all, in one thing – something that’s unique to us – and that’s the power of big and small. Yes, we have the scale and resources of a global powerhouse. But also the speed, creativity and agility of a fresh new start- up”.
Using this methodology Mondelēz International chose to install a smartengine solution within the refurbishment of their 4th Floor facility in Bourneville, Birmingham. Being a pioneering division, the R&D teams felt this solution embraced the challenge of producing a modern workspace that would provide and encourage creative thinking.


Scenariio worked in close association with the building design consultants and specialist LED lighting manufacturers Hatec to provide high impact and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions.
A mixture of 330 different LED light fittings were installed. In some areas using coloured LED technology, a first again in the UK, to achieve a bespoke user experience. Powered by 7 smartengine Engines and complimented by Mackwell Low Voltage Emergency lighting fittings, the overall solution was commissioned in just two weeks.
Scenariio delivered the project on time and ahead of budget.


Installing a smartengine Intelligent LED Lighting solution was the perfect choice to compliment the design of the modern R&D workspace. Delivering an easy to install, cost effective and low energy LED lighting solution that is highly configurable has proven to be a key component of the Mondelēz International facility and the focal point of understanding occupancy, and space utilisation. Furthermore, the ability to integrate the sensor network with other workspace IT solutions such as room booking systems, AV and messaging technology gives Mondelēz International a real technology advantage.
The solution has now set the installation standard within other Mondelēz International refurbishment projects.

Client Statement

“There was no contest in our decision to choose Scenariio with smartengine as lighting provider for the recent renovation of our office. It encapsulated all that we were looking for in being a pioneer to new advanced technologies with intelligent lighting. This not only provides the health and wellbeing aspect for our employees, it also has the environmental, security and economic benefits for our company (Mondelēz International) as a whole.The future proof system from design to aftercare provides unlimited statistical monitoring, creating a fundamental and dynamic approach to help direct the best usage of power with daylight harvestings or adapted to suit needs.Through the real time access and collation of numerous reports, we are able to instantly focus not only on an area, but a precise individual and adapt the lighting source accordingly. We are extremely pleased with the innovative possibilities that this system provides for one and all.

– Suzanne Croft
Mondelez, Project Manager

Scenariio are UK installers for the smartengine Intelligent Lighting solution and would be delighted to demonstrate how this technology could benefit your business.

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