Intelligent integrations


We have developed a software application that utilises data generated from the intelligent infrastructure sensors which provide real-time data. We can provide analysis over a specified timeframe informing you on data relevant for you to optimise operations.

This data combination allows the SmartEngine to report on energy saved as well as occupancy in a building space. The information is vital to the efficient operation of a building.

Key decisions based on data

Expanding a building to increase space is a significant cost to a company. However, space utilisation data will provide you with real-time information based on how your current workspaces are being used. Further expansion may not be necessary if utilisation or occupancy is not being used efficiently. Having this data becomes invaluable when massive savings could be made.

We put this information in an easy-to-use viewable format for key personnel and have developed a solution that makes the sensor data useful and provides an analysis of a company’s space utilisation. This is called Scenariio’s Space Analytics Solution.

Data analysis

The data analysis will give two very critical pieces of information for spaces; percent time in use and percent area occupied on average during use. This can be across the entire site or drilled down to specific areas of interest to you. The solution is web-based, and the data can be pushed to the cloud for daily updates from the SmartEngine API or even downloaded manually monthly to produce the analysis reports.

In addition

The sensitive, intelligent lighting system adjusts precisely to your working needs whilst reducing your energy usage.

Smartengine allows flexible and safe connectivity with existing building management systems (BMS). It becomes the central component for a universal, structured network for all IP-based devices (IoT). The open platform (API) allows connections to other building control systems and supports service-oriented architecture.

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