Emergency lighting

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

We are approved designers and installers of Mackwell N-light® EC emergency lighting product technology.

N-light® EC is an innovative approach to installing, powering, monitoring and testing an emergency lighting system.

What do we provide?

Our intelligent lighting system works alongside a compatible emergency lighting system, N-light® EC, that runs on low voltage data cable. The system, manufactured by our partners, Mackwell, enables us to keep 240 volts out of the ceiling space entirely, making way for a complete, smart and energy-efficient lighting system that can be relied upon to keep you and your staff safe.


N-light® EC runs on data cables to power emergency products, resulting in a seamless installation reducing wiring errors. The system eliminates the requirement for traditional and laborious clipboard key testing and increases your smart building’s capabilities. The panel is connected to a standard 230v 50 Hz electrical supply and the electricity converts to a low power DC voltage, capable of powering several devices per port.


The system is viewable remotely, and if an alarm is triggered, immediate responses can be made in line with procedures. Lights can be turned on to investigate the situation, in large or specific areas, without the deployment of a member of staff. The system is efficient and prioritises the safety of the occupants of the building.


A significant advantage of powering an emergency lighting system through a connected system is the link to your IP network. It enables local and remote monitoring of your lights or integration into other intelligent building management systems. The software provides a platform for easy commissioning and installation of the system through its open API access.


Relevant data analytic reports are available at the click of the button, and regular self-testing is automated, ensuring all regulations are met. Emergency lighting is a legal requirement and time should be taken to fully understand the regulations and obligations of the emergency lighting design plan.

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