Intelligent emergency lighting

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

We are approved designers and installers of Mackwell N-light® EC emergency lighting product technology.

N-light® EC is an innovative approach to installing, powering, monitoring and testing an emergency lighting system.

What do we provide?

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N-light® EC uses low voltage data cables to power emergency products, resulting in seamless installation eradicating wiring errors. Devices are monitored and tested without the need for additional wiring. The N-light® EC panel is a central component for powering the system that is connected to your IP network allowing local and remote monitoring of your emergency lights or integration into other building management systems.

N-light® software enables easy commissioning and installation of the system. The system can be monitored both locally and remotely. Relevant reports are available instantly.

The system eliminates the requirement for traditional and laborious clipboard key testing and keeps 240v out of your ceiling spaces. Another critical component essential to increasing your smart buildings capabilities.


The system can be viewed remotely and if alarms are triggered immediate responses can be made. Lights can be turned on to investigate the situation without the deployment of a member of staff. The system is efficient and prioritises safety.

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