Intelligent human-centric lighting

Pictur that demonstrates the different colours within the day

Colours of the light throughout the day reflecting our circadian rhythm


What is human-centric lighting?

Throughout the day, there are many stages of daylight from an early morning yellow dawn to a brighter whiter light afternoon, human-centric lighting aims to replicate the light produced by the sun by varying the colour temperature and intensity with lighting controls, aligning itself with people’s circadian rhythm,  in this way having a positive impact on our health.


How does it work?

Most modern offices have replaced inefficient fluorescent lighting fixtures with an efficient LED lighting system. These fixtures have advanced settings that enable tuneable white light functions that are appropriate for a range of situations. Advanced controls facilitate colour changes that can be made instantly or subtly over time. When a human-centric lighting system is installed, the colour of the light will gently adjust throughout the day.


  • Ideal for shift workers or offices with no windows
  • Installed in health environments for many years to promote recovery
  • Provides better working environments for employees

Human-Centric smartLighting (HCSL)

Our technology combines human-centric lighting with a high energy efficiency system that incorporates daylight harvesting. As well as following the circadian rhythm of the sun, the sensors within our fixtures monitor natural light levels across the space. Adjustments are continually being made on two levels. Firstly; colours are subtly changing in accordance with our circadian rhythm. Secondly, the light levels are increasing or reducing, depending on how much sunlight the room is receiving. Combining the two systems has significant environmental and well-being benefit.


  • SmartLighting(HCsL) combines energy-efficiency and human-centric settings
  • Software adjustment to policies allows for amendments to shift patterns of staff can be made remotely.
  • Tuneable white light can provide further uses in retail and design workspaces.

Read about the benefits of a human-centric lighting system by one of our customers; leading gym and activewear brand, Gymshark.

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