Case study – Gymshark HQ


Gymshark HQ– Shining a light on a global brand

“Gymshark has grown so much over the past year, so we have had to make lots of changes within HQ. The Scenariio team are super-efficient and always on hand to supports us in making the HQ the best environment it can be.”

Fleur Johnson, Facilities Manager at Gymshark HQ


Sector: Sportswear

Building size: 42,000sq ft

The challenge

The rise of the global gym wear brand, Gymshark, drove a need to expand their UK premises to accommodate their rapidly growing team, in a purpose-built headquarters. They aspired to incorporate state-of-the-art technology within a uniquely designed building that would respond to their changing needs and enhance the well-being of the team. They were keen to attract the best people in the industry and provide them with a workspace that motivated them and inspired creativity. An intelligent lighting system that supported business operations 24-hours a day, as well as, provide space utilisation data on which strategic business decisions could be made, was required.

Our solution

We worked closely with the architect, who had a clear vision for the vibrant company. Their decision to remove the ceiling and traditional 240 volts lighting system was a game-changer. It enabled us to plan and design a lighting system that would be smart and functional operating across a dense sensor network on low voltage data cables. Our lighting design prioritised staff well-being, through human-centric settings, enabled tunable white lighting for functionality and daylight harvesting to save energy. Our system actively promotes motivation and ensures productivity levels remain high.

The benefits

The sensors continuously monitor the building’s occupancy, temperature, power consumption and natural light levels in real-time, and Gymshark have since, increased the seating capacity and departments have switched locations within the building. The data provides the senior management team with robust insights on which company decisions are made, ensuring effective use of the space, cost savings, and improved efficiency. The real-time occupancy data from the intelligent lighting system will continue to provide Gymshark with the information they require to plan their future expansions in the coming years.


Number of sensors

Energy consumption

Human-centric fixtures

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