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Derby-based technology company Scenariio Intelligent Infrastructures has opened a brand new innovation centre and office in the city’s iconic Marble Hall. This will enable clients to see first-hand the latest products and innovations in operation.

The company, which specialises in structured cabling and intelligent lighting systems to increase efficiency in business premises, has won Digital Growth funding promoted by the Derby Chamber of Commerce, to extend its operations.

Visitors can view the details of projects carried out for major clients, including Mondelez International (formerly Cadburys), for whom Scenariio provided smart lighting at the company’s premises in Bournville.

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Some of the innovative products on display in the centre include:

  • smartengine intelligent LED Lighting

smartengine is an innovative, intelligent lighting system that utilises the traditional IT infrastructure for lighting. A single network is all that is needed to control all your building technology. Using a fine-meshed network of sensors, you can efficiently control lighting as needed in every room in your entire facility. By integrating smartengine with your facility management system (Sensor-Sharing), you create synergies and open up the full potential for operational-saving strategies.

  • Human-Centric smartLighting (HCsL)

This lighting system creates comparable light within rooms by adjusting the artificial colour temperature to the daylight curve of the sun (known as the circadian course). Scenariio has just completed the first commercial installation of HCsL in the UK at Gymshark’s HQ in Birmingham.

  • Mackwell Emergency Lighting

The Mackwell N-Light EC panel is a central component for powering and commissioning emergency lighting systems that work in harmony with general lighting operating on a smart building platform. As with all general lighting operating on smart building platforms, no line voltage is necessary as all components powered and commissioned via a low voltage data cable.

  • Amazon ‘Alexa’ Integration and Apple TV.

Alexa is used to control various functions within the innovation centre, having been programmed to set up presentations, lighting and even blinds by simple voice command.

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The technology supported by the Digital Growth Funding includes:

  • A 65” 4K touch screen with ClickShare technology. ClickShare is a wireless presentation system that allows communal screen sharing amongst users. The CSE-800 model installed introduces a number of unique features, including simultaneous sharing of up to 8 people from laptops, mobiles and PCs, automatic & manual moderation, and blackboarding & annotation.
  • Logitech Skype video collaboration conferencing, Logitech Smart Dock with Microsoft Surface to enable video conferencing and aid remote working to further reduce the companies carbon footprint.
  • Thinlabs 21” All-in-One Power over Ethernet computers. These units provide a computing platform with significant cost savings, technical benefits and scalable features that enhance your company’s green computing initiatives. Only a single ethernet cable is required to connect data and power the computer. Available in a variety of forms, with a choice of operating systems.

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Marble Hall – History

As the subject of a major refurbishment, the Marble Hall, which gained listed status in 2009, has recently been transformed into a £4 million hub of vibrant managed workspaces, which includes the Scenariio facility. 
Opened in 1913, as part of Rolls Royce’s Nightingale Road site, its distinctive frontage is built in a classical deco style, with the interior featuring Tuscan columns and polished limestone. As the home of the famous stained glass Memorial Window, which commemorates the World War II pilots who flew planes powered by Rolls Royce engines, it proves a striking backdrop for Scenariio’s state-of-the-art lighting systems.

Marble Hall is one of several flexible working environments aimed at SMEs and administered by Connect Derby, a citywide initiative to connect people, expertise and technology to grow local business and create jobs.

Scenariio’s Operation’s Director Rob Pritchard explains ‘Connect Derby was founded to inspire the spirit of collaboration and innovation, so we couldn’t be happier to help fulfil that aim. We look forward to welcoming prospective clients to see our cutting-edge technology in this fantastic classic environment.”

If you would like to visit the Innovation Centre contact, call 01332 258356 or visit

Background on Scenariio

Scenariio delivers smarter solutions for smarter buildings. We specialise in the design, supply and implementation of cutting edge technologies to optimise utilisation and productivity in your workspace. We aim to improve the way your organisation connects with technology to achieve responsive results, more efficient systems and ultimately, business growth. One technology is an intelligent lighting solution attached to a sensor-rich network, all delivered over low voltage, structured cabling that capitalises on the latest developments in the Internet of Things (IoT) – a network of devices embedded with connectivity that enables them to exchange and analyse data.

Scenariio Intelligent Infrastructures
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