Randd UK R&D Tax Credit Claims

Scenariio are proud to share this case study completed by the team at randd uk with regards to our R&D Tax Credit claim.

Based in Derby, Scenariio Intelligent Infrastructures are one of the UK’s leading specialists in the installation of technology to run over data cabling systems. With the aim of rewarding innovation, randd uk submit R&D tax credits claims to HMRC on behalf of UK businesses that are undergoing qualifying research and development activities.

Scenariio Intelligent Infrastructures (Scenariio) specialise in the design, implementation and support of intelligent infrastructure solutions deployed over traditional structured network cabling. With a client base across the UK and spreading internationally, Scenariio develop and install complex data network solutions to a range of industries.

“[Scenariio Intelligent Infrastructures] are world leaders in this technology and the UK’s leading specialist company installing these types of systems.”

Robert Pritchard, Operations Director at Scenariio Intelligent Infrastructures

Rob Pritchard, Partner and Operations Director at Scenariio Intelligent Infrastructures explains that their “background is over 30 years’ experience in IT and cabling, and in the last 3 or 4 years, we’ve moved into the smart building technology to develop systems that now make use of the data cabling infrastructures that we’ve been providing for many years”. Scenariio have expanded and moved into Marble Hall, an iconic former Rolls Royce building refurbished into vibrant workspaces and managed by Connect Derby.

Collaborating with leading network cabling manufacturers, Scenariio offer a range of technology solutions that can be tailored to their customer’s needs and deployed over an IP network with products such as CCTV, door access control, building management systems (BMS) and intelligent LED lighting solutions. Scenariio’s latest of many innovations is an intelligent lighting system called smartengine. As Rob explains, “smartengine is an innovative lighting solution that makes use of LED lights and their need for low voltage. It doesn’t need any 240 volts to drive the lines”. He continued,

“In the smartengine system, every light has its own sensor. That sensor is not just controlling the light levels and when the lights turn on and off, it is also collecting information about how the space is being used, the temperature within the space and the light levels. So it gives the building owners a lot more knowledge and intelligence about how the space is being occupied and used, and helps them manage the building in a better and more efficient way.”

Carrying out ongoing research of their marketplace, Scenariio found that companies want to move away from conventional and expensive power supply to lighting in favour of a safe, more cost effective and highly efficient alternative source of energy using data cabling. In response to client demands, Scenariio have developed low voltage LED lighting over a data structured cabling system, creating energy savings of up to 80% against traditional lighting. The dense sensor network will also gather key building information on occupancy, temperature, power consumption and light levels. Research and development was utilised to ensure that Scenariio’s products comply with the Energy Technology List (ETL) criteria, a Government scheme that sets the performance criteria of highly energy efficient products.

Scenariio Intelligent Infrastructures specialise in the installation of technology to run over data cabling systems and constantly innovate to remain at the forefront of their industry. This highly skilled team go the extra mile to produce bespoke solutions through research and development. To find out more about their services or to get a quote, visit their website at www.scenariio.com.

Rob Pritchard said, “We spent a lot of time on R&D, developing and investing in the system.” R&D tax credits aim to reward this innovation and encourage companies in the UK to push technological boundaries.

Mark Palmer, Managing Director of Scenariio is responsible for sales, marketing, finance and commercial issues. He sought advice from the company’s Accountant for a financial solution to sustaining R&D work. Mark explained, “We’re a small business, turning over about £2M a year and we have significant research and development costs”. He continued, “In order to review these, I had a meeting with our Accountants Smith Cooper [who] suggested that we should start looking at Partners who might advise us on how we might be able to address the research and development costs and get the money back through tax credits.”


“[Our Accountants Smith Cooper] recommended that we should speak to one of their Partners. That Partner was called randd… we had a meeting with them very quickly afterwards.”

Mark Palmer, Managing Director at Scenariio Intelligent Infrastructures


During the first meeting, randd uk can easily spot whether a company has the basis of a successful claim. As Mark explains, an R&D Consultant “came in to talk to us about what we could achieve by looking at the ways we spend our money and how we perhaps should be able to recover it.” Minimising client time spent on the claim whilst maximising the amount received, randd uk strive to make to whole process as simple as possible. “It was a very easy process. We did it within half a day and actually from that, [randd uk] went away and produced all the paperwork for us to sign when it came back”.


“After a couple of weeks, we had a phone call from randd. They were delighted to tell us that we qualified for £50,000 in R&D tax credits. This we could use to off-set our corporation tax in that year.”

Mark Palmer, Managing Director at Scenariio Intelligent Infrastructures


R&D tax credits are massively beneficial to UK businesses – reap the rewards for research and development work you’re already doing! A claim can be backdated for up to two years and there are no restrictions on how you spend the money that has been put in your business. For example, new machinery, upgrading software, employing new talent… what would you do with your Reality Cheque?The financial rewards made a great difference to Scenariio as R&D tax credits claims were reinvested in technology that enabled the company to remain at the forefront of their industry.

Still unsure? Take a look at the myth busters on randd uk’s website FAQs. Or better still, find the right answer for you by getting in touch using the details below.

Read more about randd uk and the R&D Tax Relief scheme on our website at www.randduk.com. You can read more case studies of UK businesses like Scenariio Intelligent Infrastructures on our ‘Client Stories’ page which covers a range of industries. To find out if your business is eligible to claim R&D tax credits for qualifying research & development work, call us on 01332 477 070 or email info@randduk.com.


Background on Scenariio

Scenariio offers structured cabling and intelligent lighting systems to make your facilities run smarter. For those looking to improve IT and building management capabilities, we specialise in the design, supply and implementation of cutting edge technologies to optimise utilisation and productivity in your workspace. Capitalising on the latest developments in the internet of Things (IoT) – a network of devices embedded with connectivity that enables them to exchange and analyse data – we aim to improve the way your organisation connects with technology to achieve responsive results, more efficient systems and ultimately business growth.

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