Affiliate for the Society of Light and Lighting

In the recent months, Scenariio are pleased to announce that we have become members of the CIBSE Society of Light and Lighting. This membership shows the commitment to the lighting industry. Ensuring that we are always following lighting developments, guidance and legislation to best advise our customer base.

Since becoming smartengine partners, Scenariio has taken the lighting industry seriously and understand how the right light can not only save businesses money in energy costs, but also increase productivity and staff morale. The SLL code for lighting, first published in 1936, with the latest release coming in 2012, has become our Bible in designing and commissioning lighting installations. Being an affiliate member of the SLL ensures that we are best placed to provide the most correct and up to date information regarding our installations, and gives us access to the most recent release of the SSL code for lighting.



About the SLL:

The SLL represents the interests of all those interested in the application of light. It is open to everyone with an interest in lighting.

The SLL welcomes all those who are interested in any aspect of the world of light, lighting, and its applications. Lighting designers, consulting engineers, researchers, students, professors, manufacturers, sales staff; all contribute and all are members of the SLL.

Although the SLL was launched in 1999, the Society builds on 100 years of history. Its origins go back to the formation, in 1909, of the Illuminating Engineering Society, which had the aim of considering all applications of natural and artificial light.

The SLL is recognised worldwide as an authority on lighting and its applications.

The Society is part of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers and offers the strength of a chartered professional institution with the freedom to serve the world of light and lighting without being restricted solely to engineering.

The aims of the Society are:

  • To promote the benefits of good lighting, especially in the built environment.
  • To be at the forefront of developing lighting as an integral part of a low-energy and sustainable future.
  • To provide professional recognition to those in light and lighting.
  • To establish and promote good practice in lighting design and engineering in all their facets.
  • To provide a forum where people interested in all aspects of light and lighting can come together.
  • To set and maintain standards in education for light and lighting.
  • To advise government and other authoritative bodies on the best use and application of light and lighting.


If anyone would like more information on our intelligent lighting, smartengine, please get in touch today. Email or call 01332 258356 to speak to one of our team.

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