The Green Business Fund now offering up to 30% Capital Contribution up to a maximum of £10,000

We are pleased to let you know that the Green Business Fund from the Carbon Trust is now offering up to 30% of the total project cost for energy efficient equipment upgrades and refurbishments, up to a maximum of £10,000. This is an increase from the previous offering of 15% since April 2016.

The SmartEngine intelligent LED lighting is an approved product in the Green Business Directory from the Carbon Trust.

This offer is open to qualifying SMEs in England, Scotland and Wales and is time limited. As well as the non-repayable Capital Contribution, qualifying businesses are also entitled to receive the following support at no cost;


Energy survey for your business

  • Our Energy Saving Opportunity Assessment service can be conducted on site or remotely depending on the complexity of your operation
  • The Opportunity Assessment provides a report that outlines;
    • The major opportunities for energy saving that have been identified for your business
    • How much money you can save with equipment upgrades
    • How much investment is required and the payback period on the investment
    • The reduced payback period once the Capital Contribution is taken into account


Energy Saving Equipment Implementation Advice

  • The Green Business Fund from the Carbon Trust can help you to decide which suppliers are suitable to deliver your project. Not only will this advice help to smooth the installation process and ensure that the expected savings are delivered, it will also give you peace of mind that you have chosen the best partner to work with.
  • We have a Green Business Directory of Carbon Trust accredited energy efficient equipment suppliers that we can help you to search, and aid you in selecting appropriate companies to brief.
  • We will assist with the writing of your procurement brief too, and support you in reviewing supplier responses, providing further guidance and advice where needed.


The Carbon Trust implementation support is only available for companies with up to 1,000 employees and is available until March 2018 on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you are interested in making an application to the Green Business Fund for any of the services above please contact Scenariio Ltd on or call on 01332 258356, where will be happy to discuss how SmartEngine can help your business.
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