Providing intelligent LED lighting solutions at the SPEED of light


Scenariio Ltd – Providing intelligent LED lighting solutions at the SPEED of light.

LED lighting has now proven to be the future technology that is to be installed in all commercial and domestic buildings, and, Scenariio are  pioneers in making these solutions intelligent.

Using state of the art ‘smartengine Technology’ we make lighting intelligent allowing the occupants to easily control, monitor and adjust lighting centrally. Each light has a senor which when combined with a larger sensor network allow us to control individual lights, banks of lights and even whole rooms as people enter and leave them. Energy savings and occupation and environmental conditions can be monitored and reported on quickly and easily helping make the building smart.

LED lighting may not give the adrenalin rush that ‘Shaggy’ gets on his drag bike does but it sure does raise the speed at which lighting can be deployed and controlled in an ever-changing modern world.

If you want to see how the Scenariio LED ‘Christmas tree starting lights‘ look in our world give us a call or catch up with ‘Shaggy’ if you can as he knows more!!

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