Space Utilisation

Space Utilisation

Adding new sense to your light and doing your best to minimise your ecological footprint and expenditures. This made us embrace the full potential born out of revolutionary LED technology. The sensitive, intelligent lighting system adjusts precisely to your working needs.

Floor space utilisation, desk utilisation, meeting room usage

Scenariio have recently launched a new software solution that utilises the data generated from the SmartEngine intelligent sensor and lighting product line. The SmartEngine generates data on occupancy by collecting points of occupancy from sensors that are installed in line with each lighting fixture in the building. The sensor not only acts as a data collection point, but also helps to control the energy used by each lighting fixture by allowing a high level of dimming and through the measurement of indicative light levels in the room. This unique combination allows the SmartEngine to report on energy saved as well as occupancy in a building space. The data collected is vital to the efficient operation of a building.

Once data is collected over a period of time, the analysis of this information could save a company real operational expense. Renting more floors or buildings, or deciding to build more space is a major cost to a company. However, if this is unnecessary due to current utilization being low, then an investment in a solution to help corporate real estate executives make the right decision is very worthwhile. In order to put this information in a viewable format for corporate real estate executives, we have developed a solution that makes the sensor data readable in terms of occupation and also provides an analysis of a company’s space utilisation.


This is called the Scenariio Space Analytics Solution


The data analysis will give 2 very key pieces of information for spaces; percent time in use and percent area occupied on average during use. This can be across the entire site or drilled down to specific areas of interest to you. The solution is web based and the data can be pushed to the cloud for daily updates from the SmartEngine API or even downloaded manually on a monthly basis to produce the analysis reports.

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