With the advances in Power over Ethernet (POE) technology the amount of power which can be delivered down your single data cable has made it possible to operate all your IP enabled CCTV cameras over your structured cabling system. IP based CCTV cameras running over a common infrastructure are powered and monitored over the data network. Views from the cameras can be delivered to DVR systems or via web browsers or smart phone apps so the images can be viewed anywhere at any time.


Access Control

Whether the door access system is controlled by swipe card, biometric or retinal readers, IP based access control systems can be run over your structured wiring solution to deliver these services to a central portal where the management can be undertaken in one place as required.


Intelligent LED Lights

The dense sensor network from an intelligent lighting system can be used to further enhance the security systems within your building. Motion detection is being continually monitored even with the lights out.

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