Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent Lighting
smartengine – Intelligent LED lighting Powered by data cables

Smart lighting systems are LED lighting systems which result in significant energy savings. smartengine, formally Redwood Systems has created a state-of-the-art, commercial LED lighting system that runs and can be controlled over a low-voltage network using Category 5e or 6 data cables.

As a smartengine Systems Qualified Contractor, we are certified to provide an innovative lighting solution that is more efficient, flexible, and less expensive to install and maintain than traditional LED light systems.

W-tec recently acquired Redwood Systems, an industry leader in LED lighting solutions and integrated sensor networks for commercial buildings. Their portfolio includes an intelligent LED based lighting platform, which operates over structured cabling—the same infrastructure on which your IT network is built. This intelligent LED lighting platform delivers advanced control capabilities along with gathering rich building performance data to improve how your buildings are lit, heated, occupied and managed.

smartengine adds new sense to your lights and helps you to minimise your ecological footprint and expenditures. We have embraced the full potential born out of this revolutionary LED technology. SmartEngine is the sensitive, intelligent lighting system which adjusts precisely to your working needs.

Energy Saving Lighting
  • Up to 80% lower energy costs
  • Up to 90% lower operating costs
  • Use energy only where and when it is really needed
  • Reduce operating costs through integration with Building Management Systems
  • Needs based lighting delivered due to high density sensor network
Sensitive Lighting
  • Sensor data gathered in real time for evaluation and analysis
  • Every sensor is linked to a fixture by a SmartEngine
  • Continual monitoring of actual energy used
  • Detection of motion patterns, daylight and room temperature
  • Precise energy-saving strategies are created by the close-knit sensor network
Lighting that Uses Your IT Infrastructure

Sensor data in real time for evaluation and analysis

  • Procurement advantages from a single structured cabling system for all your IP connected devices
  • Simple and easy to understand planning and design process
  • Shorter construction time thanks to a small range of components and plug and play RJ45 technology
  • Fast commissioning with the ‘Flashlight’ commissioning process to identify fixtures
  • IP based networking and simple integration in to other Building Management Systems
  • Power and data over a single network cable to each fixture
  • Increased safety due to use of a low voltage category data cabling throughout
  • Intelligent high density sensor grid
  • Compatible with huge range of LED fixtures
  • Reliability through redundancy
Easy to Use Lighting
  • Remote operation of all functions using a web interface
  • Individual lighting policies by room type, use, time of day or day of week
  • Add lights to rooms by a simple drag and drop procedure
  • Control lights via your smart devices using the rSPHERE App
  • Occupancy based HVAC interface (BACnet) for further energy savings
  • Allows hot-swapping and reconfiguration of lights
  • Safe low voltage system which does not need electricians

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