Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting
Emergency lights over low voltage category data cables

There is now another way to deliver your buildings emergency lighting solution by utilising low voltage data cabling and avoiding the need for AC or separate signal cables to your emergency fixtures. Scenariio are an approved designer and installer of the Mackwell N-light® EC emergency lighting system.

The N-light EC panel is a central component for powering and commissioning emergency lighting systems that works in harmony with general lighting operating on a smart building platform. As with all general lighting operating on smart building platforms, no line voltage is necessary as all components are powered and commissioned via a data cable.

N-light® EC uses data cables to power connected Mackwell emergency products, resulting in faster installation and eradication of wiring errors.  Connected devices can also be monitored and tested without the need for additional wiring. N-light® EC is an innovative approach to installing, powering, monitoring and testing an emergency lighting system.

The N-light® system is connected to your IP network to allow local and remote monitoring of your emergency lights or integration in to other building management systems.

All of the N-light® products are controlled and monitored via N-light® Software, to enable sophisticated diagnostics for the whole of your emergency lighting system. You can simply configure and commission emergency lighting systems with the software. Monitor each individual device and the entire system easily both locally and remotely. You also get access to and are able to print reports to ensure the system is working as intended.

No more requirement for the clip board and key testing of traditional emergency light solutions and no 240v in your ceiling spaces.

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