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Data Centres
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Scenariio Ltd have been providing Data Centre and Server Room structured cabling solutions & services for many years. In this demanding IP world the Data Centre has become the most critical asset of a commercial business today. Housing mission critical software applications and complex hardware it provides the computing power needed to keep businesses running on a 24-7 basis. Scenariio have a comprehensive range of services and solutions designed for the modern data centre user.


Structured Cabling Service

Data Centre environments demand carefully planned installations of large quantities of Copper and Fibre Data Cabling. The design of the solutions needed to deliver high speed communications is critical in the Data Centre space. Typically a fast and quick deployment of structured data cabling is required to ensure rapid deployment of IP services can be achieved. Scenariio use industry leading pre terminated fibre and copper solutions that allow for time critical installations where time and space are at a premium. The installation of modular fibre and copper patch panels allow for quick upgrade as future demands create.


Cable containment and dedicated Wire-ways

Scenariio can install dedicated wire ways to support a flexible deployment of both fibre and Copper infrastructure in a tidy and manageable design. We can also install underfloor metal containment and tray solutions with dedicated cabinet feeds under each cabinet location.


Security Access

Scenariio can design and install a range of simple cabinet combination locks to more secure computer activated proximity card controllers and pin code devices. We can also install biometric fingerprint readers if required. Combined with IP Camera monitoring a flexible approach can be designed to suite client demands. Integration to our Smart Buildings solutions packages can then be achieved if centralised control and monitoring of any Cabinet access is required.


Data Centre Deep Cleaning Services

Keeping a data centre clean at all times is one of the most critical routine maintenance processes needed. We can offer a full deep clean service that will lift up the raised floor in the data centre and remove all surplus dirty and grime created in this challenging environment. We recommend that this is done on an annual basis and a maintenance service level agreement can be put into place to make sure this happens on a regular basis.


Hot and Cold aisle

Keeping the valuable software and hardware components cool is a vital part of any successful data centre environment. Managing the hot and cold airflow in the cabinet rows in a data centre can be enhanced but fitting dedicated hot and cold aisle casements that have doors and roof panels fitted. With electronic door opening and motion activated led lights, we can make the whole cabinet row both secure and operating in a controlled temperature environment. If we add in secure electronic door access and IP camera systems we can ensure only authorised access can be allowed.



Data centre environments are often operated in a lights off or dark mode and the energy savings to be gained from smart LED light systems may not be a key factor in determining your lighting solution. But an LED lighting system with a dense sensor network will provide the data centre with a lot more than just energy savings. The sensor network can be used to compliment your security systems and monitor access throughout all areas. Alarms can be generated not just on the detection of motion but direction as well.

Integration can be achieved in to other building management and security systems, for example to program the lights to come on and direct you to the cabinet you require or provide you with detailed temperature maps of the space.

We can design and install a SmartEngine intelligent LED lighting solution for your data centre utilising low voltage data cabling.

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