Smarter Solutions for Smart Buildings

Founded in 2013, our mission is to make your business smarter.  We are passionate about enabling you to realise the advantages that a sensor-rich network that can provide your business.

We make your workplace smarter.  By iinstalling a sensor network and low voltage iintelligent lighting system we provide you with access to data that key business decisions can be based on.

For forward-thinkers looking to maximize IT and building management capabilities, we specialise in the design, supply, and implementation of future-proof technologies that optimise utilisation and productivity in your workspace.

The Internet of Things  (IoT) is opening up new opportunities.  A network of devices embedded with connectivity that enables them to exchange and analyse data is no longer the future.  It’s now.

We will significantly improve the way your organisation connects with technology and ensure all systems are ready to embrace iinnovations of tomorrow.

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Our smart solutions are powering low voltage LED lighting systems across the world